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Bathroom Accessories Organizer Wall Mounted UV Toothbrush Holder Automatic Toothpaste Dispenser set

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Product Description
Mounting Type
Wall Mount
2.27 Pounds
Item Dimensions LxWxH
6.00 X 2.5 X 2.75 Inch
【All-in-one Toothpaste Dispenser 】Toothbrush holder wall mounted with built-in toothpaste dispenser,The positioning port design enhances the accuracy of squeezing toothpaste. Just push the toothbrush in, and the dispenser can squeeze the perfect amount every time, preventing toothpaste from wasting, and giving you the right amount of toothpaste
【Bathroom inverted cup toothbrush cup】The cup suspension function design makes it more convenient for you, plays a role of dustproof and fast drainage, effectively keeps the toothbrush and cup dry and clean
【Solar charging board】Cleaning time is 5 minutes. The solar charging board will continue to charge when there is light. If the battery power is insufficient in special circumstances, you can use USB to manually charge. The USB charging time is about 5-6 hours
【Multi-functional Combination Wash Rack】Not only a toothbrush holder and toothpaste dispenser, but also a storage rack, you can also hang towels, bath balls, etc., saving your countertop space and making your bathroom more tidy
【No Need To Punch Holes】The tooth brush holder is attached with strong seamless stickers, Suction wall suspension, convenient for installation in space, no drilling, no tools, fixed well, and will not fall off and break the wall. Please note that this sticker is only suitable for smooth tiles, wooden walls, smooth marble, smooth glass, frosted glass and other surfaces, smooth metals.
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OEM/ODM Service

1. All accessories including cartridge, plating, plating thickness etc. can be customized.
2. Any idea, draft or model can be designed according to per client's request.
3.Logo laser print and packing design are free

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