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Wall Mounted Shower Bath Shampoo Dispenser Liquid Soap Container Bathroom Accessories Liquid Soap Dispenser

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Application It is perfect for kitchen or bathroom at home, hospital, hotel, office, school, banks, shopping mall and more places in needs. Notes: 1. In order to prevent malfunction, there should be at least 40cm space under the machine. This dispenser is design for indoor use only, do not install in places exposed to strong sunlight and above strong reflective objects.
2. Prevent any objects from blocking the liquid outlet.
3. Keep the liquid in the machine clean and free of other strip-shaped or block-shaped impurities
4. If there is liquid in the container during disassembly, it is forbidden to lay the product flat to prevent the liquid from flowing out and wetting the motor and circuit board, causing damage. The liquid must be poured out before it can be laid flat
5. This soap dispenser is not waterproof. Do not let the product touch any liquid or be splashed. Keep away from fire source.
6. Charging prompts if the red light exceeds 4 hours, please stop charging immediately to prevent excessive battery charging and accidents.


Product weight: 750 g

Product material:ABS

Product size:13*11*27.5 cm

-Wall mounted design, free of hole installation tools, very simple installation;
-Automatic sensing function, so that you can disinfect without contact;
- moderate volume, which will not cause insufficient space;
-1200 ml large capacity, can be used by 5-30 people for about 30-10 days;
-High quality ABS material, waterproof, moisture-proof and anti-corrosion;

-Simple and beautiful appearance;

-It is equipped with a security lock to prevent the product from being opened by others maliciously;

power supply modes, USB charger (not included) ,This product is equipped with USB cable by default.

Package Included:

1X Soap dispenser
2x hole free hook
2x glue stick
1xUSB cable ( usb charger is not included)

Carton Box dimension: 28*59*58 cm , 16.5 kgs (20 pieces in a carton box)

Stand Carton box: 35*35*9 cm, 7 kgs (2 pieces in a carton box)
Product Description
Available with stand , please contact us for more details
In Stock Soap Dispenser